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Poundbury Property

This Website gets Hundreds of hits every day from people interested in Poundbury. See for yourself, click HERE and visit Google and search for-

Poundbury = 2rd place

Poundbury Village = 1st & 2nd place

Poundbury Property = 1st & 8th place

Poundbury Houses = 1st Place

Poundbury Lettings = 1st & 3rd place

This means that if your trying to sell your House on Poundbury then this website is the place to do it. You could advertise it yourself on this website and not use an agent or we can add a link to your agent in your advert.

Do it Yourself.

We advertise your house for you for a set price, and the advert will remain on the website until the house is sold. As part of the advert we put a link to your email address or phone number for people to contact you direct. We will take photos of the property as part of the service. Simple!

Using an Estate Agent.

If you are using an Estate Agent its still very simple! We are just advertising your house, just like they would by putting it in the local paper. All we do is add a link to your Agent into the advert so that people will contact the Agent for more details.

Message to all Estate Agents!

If you trying to sell a house on Poundbury then this will be the cheapest place to advertise it. Email us now for a special deal!

What does it cost?

All it costs is £20 Yes, Twenty Pounds!

The advert will stay online for as long as you want, all for that one off fee of £20. Your going to spend £1000's on an agent, so £20 to advertise on this website is gonna be the best £20 you have ever spent!

To find out more email info@poundburyproperty.co.uk

PayPalWe now take payment with PayPal.